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Meet all of our amazing tutors who priorities creativity. We have all of our current and alumni tutors on this page. Read their stories and check out where our alumni tutors have whizzed off to after graduating from university and Sussex Writes!


“Hello! I’m Kelly, a third year English and Media Studies student at the University of Sussex. I’m currently studying the modernist writer Virginia Woolf, tutoring English and Media in my spare time and enjoying the creative energy I can inspire and produce with Sussex Writes”.


Hey! I’m Will, from the United States! I’m an exchange student from Boston, Massachusetts, studying abroad at Sussex. I’m in my third year of studying for an English degree. I’m a literature hound by nature--I burned through Harry Potter and Septimus Heap within two years!--but I began writing for myself after my second-year creative writing professor sat me down and helped me through my first story-writing workshop. Ever since, I’ve been thrilled with the eye-opening freedom that guided creative writing offers, and I’m honored to be trusted with teaching it to other young people. I have also been delighted with the chance to show off my Victorian skeleton key bottle opener for the object description tasks! I’m devoted to science fiction/fantasy, children’s, and LGBTQ literature, and, when I’m not polishing my stories, I spend my time hiking, learning how to bake British pastries, and singing with the university choir"


“Hey, I’m Shannon! I am in my third-year of English Literature BA. I was interested in joining Sussex Writes because learning about creative writing, when I was at school, was what made me want to go on to pursue a degree in English. I think it is really important that young people engage with creative writing in a fun, enthusiastically-charged, environment – which is exactly what Sussex Writes is all about! I am particularly interested in Utopian and Dystopian literature, and I am also currently enjoying learning about coding and web design in my spare time.”


"I am in my second year of English BA. I wanted to get involved with Sussex Writes because I think it is important for young people to engage in literature in a creative way outside the academic syllabus. I’m passionate about writing and performing poetry and I’m a big Shakespeare and poetry fan".

LEAH “Hi, I’m Leah - a third year literature undergraduate at the University of Sussex. I have been a creative writing tutor with Sussex Writes for the past two years; I am also a writer, poet and have a weekly radio show called ‘The Opening Drive’ on URF every Tuesday morning at 9am. Outside university, I write a book and theatre reviews blog called ‘The Bibliophile”.


"Hello, I'm Katie! I am a second-year English student. I wanted to be a part of Sussex writes because I love the idea of making English fun and accessible. I also really enjoy teaching and engaging with young people through something I’m passionate about!"


"Hello! I'm Juliet, and I'm a final year student studying English with American Studies. I like to spend my time outdoors, particularly hiking and camping, and love reading books about the outdoors and travelling. I think nature is so important to literature and personal development, and want to involve the outdoors in as much of my work as I can!"


“Hi, I’m Jas, currently studying English Lit in second year at the University of Sussex. My favourite kinds of literature are 18th-19th century classics (particularly the works of Austen, Hardy, Mary Shelley and the Brontës) and anything psychologically stimulating, such as A Clockwork Orange (my favourite book!) I’ve always been a keen writer, whether of fiction or journalistic articles, so it’s an absolute pleasure for me to help kids explore their own creative genius in any way possible. I really do believe that with the right help, every child can find their own niche in writing, and so I look forward to an inspiring future with Sussex Writes!”


“Hi, I’m Hanna, an English Lit Masters student at Sussex. My interests include (but are not limited to) the work of Ernest Hemingway, the language of the supernatural and cats. I have been a member of Sussex Writes since 2017 and really enjoy listening to students’ ideas!”


“Hey everyone! I’m Beth, a third year English Language and Literature undergraduate. I’ve inadvertently fallen in love with 18th-century literature over my time at Sussex, which has culminated in my study of Mary Wollstonecraft this term. After recently receiving an offer, I will also be staying on at Sussex for my PGCE next year. I hope that I can entice all the students collaborate with through Sussex Writes to be braver and bolder in their creative writing, the more outlandish the better!”

"Hello, I'm Abbie! I am currently a first-year student studying English and Art History and I adore anything 18th century. I joined Sussex Writes as I am an aspiring teacher and have a great belief that you can learn something from.